Friday, October 21, 2016

October Owlcrate Review!

Owlcrate is a monthly box subscription that is based around the box's theme of the month. The themes usually focus on a Young Adult series and have items that go with that series. For example, in  July 2016 Owlcrate had a theme of Good vs Evil box; if you got an evil box you were given a Draco Malfoy POP figure by Funko or if you got the Good box you were given a Luna Lovegood POP figure by Funko. A typical Owlcrate box includes a box based on the month's theme along with 3-5 book/nerdy/fun items that tie in with the book in the Owlcrate and theme.

The cost of an Owlcrate is $29.99 a month plus shipping and the box usually ships around the 20th of each month. Another great part of the Owlcrate is that you can buy it as a gift for someone! It's a perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift for any book lover!

The theme of October's Owlcrate: Once Upon A Dream. I let out a happy little screech when I first out the theme of the October box because I love Sleeping Beauty and Once Upon A Dream is my favorite Disney song so I was very, very excited! This month's box did NOT disappoint! 
There are SO MANY fun and cute goodies with this month's box! I was a bit disappointed with the September Owlcrate because the items that came with that box are disposable and won't last. I did not have that problem with the Once Upon A Dream box at all! 

The first item I want to discuss is the adorable, handmade bookmark from My Heart, My Tribe.  It's so simple and cute! The perfect size for any book and I'm excited to use it!
The next item is a passport notebook based on the Wizard and Oz by The Unemployed Philosopher's Guide. It's the perfect size to put it any purse or backpack and the attention to detail is adorable. On the inside the notebook looks an actual passport and at the bottom right corner of each page has a picture of the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion. So cute!
My favorite item of this month's Owlcrate is the bracelet from the Geeky Cauldron. The charms are so cute and they match the theme of the box perfectly. I can't wait to wear this around! So adorable. 
The next item is something you can wear which is perfect considering the weather is getting colder. It's a Peter Pan beanie from Whosits & Whatsits! It's really comfy and keeps your head nice and warm! Can I be a Lost Boy now and go to Neverland?!

Other items include an Owlcrate button and a bookmark featuring
 the New World series by Jennifer Wilson! 

The book that came with the Once Upon A Dream Owlcrate is Vassa the Night by Sarah Porter! It's based off Russian Folklore and is somewhat dreamlike. I love the author sent a little tattoo with her note! Very thoughtful and cute! I'll post for the review for Vassa the Night in the next week or so! 

Overall thoughts: I am very happy with October's Owlcrate! I love the theme and all the items that came with it are fun and fit well with the theme. I'm really excited to read Vassa the Night and I think it was a great box. I know lots of people were confused because many thought it would be a Halloween theme for this month but I think Owlcrate did a great job. 
My rating:  5/5
Are you ready for November's Owlcrate? I'm so excited! 

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As always, thanks for reading :) 

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