Monday, June 26, 2017

May & June Owlcrate Review

Owlcrate is a monthly box subscription that is based around the box's theme of the month. The themes usually focus on a Young Adult series and have items that go with that series. For example, in  July 2016 Owlcrate had a theme of Good vs Evil box; if you got an evil box you were given a Draco Malfoy POP figure by Funko or if you got the Good box you were given a Luna Lovegood POP figure by Funko. A typical Owlcrate box includes a box based on the month's theme along with 3-5 book/nerdy/fun items that tie in with the book in the Owlcrate and theme.

The cost of an Owlcrate is $29.99 a month plus shipping and the box usually ships around the 20th of each month. Another great part of the Owlcrate is that you can buy it as a gift for someone! It's a perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift for any book lover! 

The end of May was pretty crazy for me so I didn't have time to review the May Owlcrate so in this post I will reviewing both the May & June Owlcrate, starting with the May Owlcrate.

The theme for May's Owlcrate is Comic Explosion! 
May's Owlcrate focused on superheroes and comics which I found kind of interesting because when it comes to Young Adult books I don't think of comics and superheroes. But it was a pretty fun box. The book featured in the Comic Explosion Owlcrate was Eliza and Her Monsters by 

Francesca Zappia. Check out the book here <--

My two favorite items from this Owlcrate was probably the Loki Funko Pop figure and the multi colored pen. The button's in the May Owlcrate were adorable too.
Overall the Comic Explosion Owlcrate was just ok, nothing to freak out over but just ok. Again I wish they would vary their, tea and candles is literally in every Owlcrate I feel. I'm allergic to candles and I don't drink tea or coffee; now I know not everyone is like that (probably only me, I mean who in this day and age doesn't drink coffee or tea? Me. Whoops.) and lots of people like candles, tea and coffee but it's the same thing in every box. Good theme, same tired items. 

My rating: 2/5 Shells

The theme for June's Owlcrate is: Make It Out Alive! 
I had really high expectations for this box because I am big fan of The Walking Dead, into the future, Dystopian style stuff so I was excited for this one!
The June Owlcrate had two books which I thought was really neat. They included a patch, a bookmark, an Owlcrate button, a zombie face mask, a bath bomb, stickers that matched with the book The Sandcastle Empire and a quote magnet. 
My favorite items from this Owlcrate were the zombie mask and magnet quote. Again I am allergic to everything so I don't think I'll be using the bath bomb even though it looks gorgeous. We didn't get a lot of items in this Owlcrate I think because of the second book but I'm okay with that and I'm excited to read both books. 
Overall The Make It Out Alive Owlcrate was good, I had some high expectations and I do believe that they've been met. I signed up for an Owlcrate subscription in May of 2016 and this is the first time Owlcrate where I've gotten two books which I think is pretty neat. The items are okay but as always I feel as if more could of been done, maybe I'm too picky? Haha! 

My Review: 3/5 Shells

See you next month for the Wanderlust Owlcrate!

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