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Blog Tour & Review: Chasing Wicked by Kathryn L. James April 30

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The Cover: The Chasing Wicked cover is hot, hot, hot! I love how it's in black and white and it's just gorgeous honestly. The red color of the font is fabulous too, it really jumps out at you. A+


Description: Stone Mitchell was and always will be toxic.
I’d had a taste and it nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple.
He’d betrayed me in the worst imaginable way possible.
Six years later, I found myself riding out a dangerous storm with the cheating bastard.
Truths are uncovered. Deception unfolds. Passion ignites and chemistry explodes.
Adding to the drama? I hold a secret that’s unforgivable. I’m the one that ruined our second chance.
Yet, it’s Stone that comes for me with a vengeance.
He’s wicked. He’s wicked ruthless. Pure wicked sin.
…and I want another taste.

Overall thoughts: I really enjoyed Chasing Wicked and the story it told; I'm really a lot romance books that focus on more than two people, it's about family which I think is a nice change from the usual romance stories I've read in the past. There's more at stake than two people being in love or having their hands all over each other, especially when family or children involved. It ups the ante and adds a different vibe to the story which is one of the reasons I really liked Chasing Wicked. James is a fabulous writer and has a way with words that kept me hooked and honestly, her writing is so wonderfully written that I wish Chasing Wicked was longer! That was my only complaint about this book, I wish it was longer! Avery and Stone have a great couple chemistry and their love and attraction for one another made me melt in my chair. I am really looking forward to the rest of this series! 
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Couple Chemistry Rating: 5/5 Shells
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My Rating:  5/5 Shells

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About Kathryn L. James:
Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and a very sweet and spoiled poodle named Macy. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and strong heroines. The beach is one of her favorite places to hangout, relax, and write. She debuted her first novel, Crazy Beautiful Lies and released a short Crazy Beautiful Kiss which was published in A Story of a Kiss anthology. She plans to release it again as a novella by the end of summer.  

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