Monday, September 26, 2016

September Owlcrate!

Owlcrate is a monthly box subscription that is based around the box's theme of the month. The themes usually focus on a Young Adult series and have items that go with that series. For example, in  July 2016 Owlcrate had a theme of Good vs Evil box; if you got an evil box you were given a Draco Malfoy POP figure by Funko or if you got the Good box you were given a Luna Lovegood POP figure by Funko. A typical Owlcrate box includes a box based on the month's theme along with 3-5 book/nerdy/fun items that tie in with the book in the Owlcrate and theme.

It's very exciting to get something in the mail every month and the surprise and joy when you open the box is so much fun. Plus, getting a new book every month isn't a bad deal either. I enjoy Owlcrate because I love reading and the box itself is a reader's dream, but also because it gives me books to read that I wouldn't buy on my own. Owlcrate also supports many small business which is awesome, shop small and buy local is always a great incentive for me.

The cost of an Owlcrate is $29.99 a month plus shipping and the box usually ships around the 20th of each month. Another great part of the Owlcrate is that you can buy it as a gift for someone! It's a perfect birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift for any book lover!


September Owlcrate 2016 theme: Darkness.
The box contents: candle, canvas pouch, bath bomb, & bookmark.

The candle AKA Celaena's Cake by the Melting Library. It's a candle created specifically for the Darkness Owlcrate and also inspired by "everyone's favorite assassin" from the Throne of Glass series. Sadly I have not read that series so I didn't quite understand the connection. The candle is very pretty and smells nice; but I wasn't thrilled to have it in the box considering I'm allergic to most candles.

The psychic's from the Raven Cycle series was in the inspiration for the bath bomb created by Da Bomb. "Ask a question that's been on your mind, toss the bomb in your bath water, and wait for the answer to appear!" I like that the bath bomb was an unusual for an Owlcrate (I started my subscription in June and haven't gotten anything like this.) from previous boxes. 

The next item that I love, love, love about the Darkness box is the Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children high quality canvas pouch created by Out of Print. It features one of my absolute favorite quotes from the series and it's a really well made pouch. 
The final item in September's Owlcrate is a bookmark inspired by Leigh Bardugo's Crooked Kingdom and created by Evie Bookish. Owlcrate has used several of her bookmarks and prints for past Owlcrates. I love the quote and the bookmark is the perfect size. 
Overall thoughts; The Darkness box was interesting, I however was confused as to why this theme was for September instead of October. All of the items fit within the theme and are well made and very creative. I do wish that the owners of Owlcrate would consider people who don't like candles/have allergies. I haven't lit up my Celaena's Cake candle yet but I hopefully won't get sick smelling it. The same goes for the bath bomb; since I have allergies and sensitive skin I'm not sure if I will use it considering I don't know how my body will react to it. I think it's important to think of people that have allergies and other issues with items such as candles and bath bombs, something to think of for future boxes.

That's it for this month's Owlcrate! My rating for the Darkness Box:
3/5 shells. 
 In my next post I will be reviewing the book for the Darkness box: Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. 
Do you have an Owlcrate subscription? If so, what did you think of this month's theme and box? Tell me below in the comments! 
Thank for reading! 

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